GENETICS that represent
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Angus Sires
Barstow Cash
Sitz Dash 10277 x SAV Final Answer 0035
Extraordinary sire producing a world of volume, natural thickness, performance and eye appeal.
Hoover Dam
SydGen CC&7 x TC Gridiron 258
A remarkable calving ease sire that produces sons with power and highly maternal daughters. Top Marbling and REA EPDs!
Connealy Capitalist
SAV Final Answer 0035 x CRA Bextor 872 5205 608 16752262
A great calving ease sire that produces tremendous power in his popular progeny. Sire of a top set of ET calves in our program!
DDA Dameron Northern Light
SAV Brilliance 8077 x Dameron Northern Miss 0109
(EXG RS First Rate S903
2014 Denver Champion bull from 2012 Denver Champion Female! First progeny are topping sales from coast to coast.
DCC Baseline 511
OCC Emblazon 854E x RR Popatop 0600
A reputable calving ease and maternal sire that has impacted our program. Several keynote daughters have been retained.
DUFF Copyright 6626
Duff Outlook 472 x OCC Headliner 661H
A very popular sire amongst those in the industry searching out frame moderation, fleshing ability and power. Daughters are amazing!
Kramers Apollo 317 
Koupal Juneau 797 x TC Aberdeen 759
APEX Cattle...Only Superior Genetics!
Joel and Dan Leo
1146 7th Avenue, Dannebrog, NE 68831
Joel: 308-750-0993    Dan: 308-226-2576

Located approximately 20 miles NW of Grand Island, NE.
From Dannebrog, 5 Miles East to Jansen Road, 2 North and 1/2 West on North Side.
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