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CLRS Dividend 405D
CLRS After Shock 604A x GW Premium Beef 021TS
Both Homozygous Black and Polled - $52,500 2017 'Bred for Balance' Bull Sale Record Seller! Top 1% CE, BW, MARB, API and TI EPDs. Tremendous eye appeal, structural correctness, natural thickness and disposition. Dam is extraordinary two year old, stemming from illustrious cow family with impeccable hooves and udders. We predict that Dividend will impact the breed more than any other single sire in the last several decades! Order you semen early, and mate your best females to him!

Semen available only in 10, 20 and 50 unit semen packages.

W/C Loaded For Bear D69
Remington Lock N Load 54U x Miss Werning KP 8543U (WAGR Dream Catcher 03R)
Hetro Black Baldy and Homozygous Polled - $56,000 feature of the 2017 Werning Cattle Co sale, and considered by many to be the finest Lock N Load son ever. Powerfully made, excellent structured and with a tremendous BW (81 lbs.) to YW (1552 lbs.) spread. Within minutes after our purchase, Western Cattle Co purchased the fall possession and 1/3rd interest for $25,000. Dam has produced over 3 M in direct progeny sales. Popular full sibs include W/C Bullseye, a National Champion Female and sisters selling for 70K, 48K, 46K and 40K!

Semen available only in 10, 20 and 50 unit semen packages.

CCR Flint Hills 2097B
CCR Frontier 0053Z x GAR Retail Product
SimAngus (1/2)
Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled
Premier son of CCR Frontier who paced the 2015 Cow Camp Ranch sale, and is a principal sire at both the APEX and Cow Camp breeding programs. Extraordinary sire with good calving ease and excellent structural correctness with the inherent ability to sire extra thickness. His progeny offer excellent performance, natural thickness and eye appeal with added good volume and the best of temperaments
Semen: $30/unit

Owned jointly with Cow Camp Ranch, Lost Springs, KS

CCR Masterlink 9053C
CCR Phenom 8008A x CCR MS Apple 9332W (HTP SVF In Dew Time)
SimAngus (3/4)
Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled
TThe $38,500 feature of the 2016 Cow Camp Ranch sale, from the famed Apple , a legendary herd sire producing matriarch. Breed pacesetting, elite ranking EPDs for WW, YW, Milk, MWW, DOC, MARB, REA, API and TI. Phenotypically, he is a truck with a wealth of body, thickness and power! Super athletic, proud, great feet and legs and destined to be used in many progressive programs. Make your next calf crop your best ever make sure Masterlink is the sire of choice.! n Order early as he will be used in many programs this year.
Semen: $30/unit
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TJ High Calibre 556B
MCM Top Grade 018X x PRS Lady Done Right W214 (Welshs Dew It Right 067T)
Homozygous Black & Polled
Recently sold to Herbster Angus Farms, Falls City, NE for $400,000. Thanks to Mike Hartman, Hartman Cattle Co for negotiating the transaction. First, and only calves sired by this breed record selling bull were born at APEX this spring! They are awesome, and watch form many more in the years to come!

Rousey Gold Strike 512C
Hooks Trinity 9T x Rousey Antoinette 146Y (OCC Paxton 730P)
SimAngus (5/8)
Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled
One of the most dynamic calving ease sires the breed has seen and record seller of the 2016 Herdmaster sale. Amazing EPD profile, ultrasound scan and phenotype with calves that display exceptional quality and performance.
Dam is sensational producer with a 111 Ave WW progeny ratio (four calves), and also dam of the 2015 Herdmaster top selling bull. Promising to be one of the breed's most used sires this year, and the years ahead!
Semen: $30/unit

W/C Grandstand 6B
W/C Wide Track 694Y x Miss Werning KP 8543U
(WAGR Dream Catcher)
Homozygous Black & Polled - #1 PB REA in 2015 Werning Sale. Dam has produced over 1.2 million dollars in progeny sales!
Semen: $30/unit

CDI Executive Power 280D
W/C Executive Order 8543B x Hook's Beyonce 82B (GW-WBF Substance 820Y)
Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled
Top percental EPD rankings for CED, BW, WW, YW, ADG, DOC, MARB, REA, API and TI. An extraordinary individual that has excelling depth, thickness, length and natural muscle. Particularly soft in his makeup, free in his travel and really easy to look at.
Semen: $30/unit

HCCO Validity 106C
W/S Pilgrim H182C x WAGR Driver 706T
SimAngus (3/4)
Homozygous Polled
The best red bull we have found in three years, and he is truly special! Powerfully made, big topped, lots of middle and with eye appeal to burn. Appreciably good footed, sound structured and eye appealing in his overall makeup.
Semen: $25/unit

W/C Holy Smoke 060C
W/C United 956Y x RC Club King 040R
SimAngus (1/2)
The finest United son ever sold, ranking #1 WW and YW bull of the entire 2016 Werning Bull Sale offering. . Top 1% EPD ranking in breed for WW, TW, ADG, CW and TI and top 10% REA!
Semen: $30/unit

TRC Testament 5451C
Hook's Xavier 14X x Triple C Singletary 53H
SimAngus (3/4)
Top Selling Bull of 2016 T Heart Ranch sale. Excellent numbers and phenotype with very strong maternal background. Top 1 and 2% WW, YW, CW, REA and TI.
Semen: $30/unit

MR NRC Eclipse 4009B
W/C United 956Y x HRM Right On T08

CCR Valedictorian 6025B
SDS Graduate 006X x CCR Snake Eyes M217P
Homozygous Black & Polled – Tremendous calving ease pedigree and phenotype with lots of eye appeal! Top cow family!
Semen: $30/unit

ES Loaded for Bear AX381 - 3
Remington Lock N Load 54U x BC Lookout 7024
x HHSF Black Glitter
Homozygous Black & Polled – One of the great Lock & Loads sons anywhere! Now deceased after only two years of service.

MR TR Lookout 3768A ET
BC Lookout 7024 x HHSF Black Glitter
Homozygous Black & Polled – Powerfully structured and really good! ET brother to NAILE and other major show champions.

Dash to Cash 041A
Sitz Dash 10277 x SFV/NJC Built Right N48
Homozygous Black & Polled – Tremendous calving ease sire with loads of quality and eye appeal. Paternal brother to Barstow Cash!

9K Opie A749
3C Opie U805B x GW Lucky Man 644N
Homozygous Black & Polled – A masterpiece herd sire with balance, power and a flawless, sound structure.

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